Grass Fed Lamb for Your Freezer

In the fall, we'll have lamb ready to go to your homestead, or your freezer. Sales are for whole and half lambs only. Individual cuts are not for sale.

Grass-fed lamb from American-raised Icelandic sheep is highly prized because it is incredibly tender and mild. We do not feed our sheep and lambs any grain, hormones or antibiotics.

And unlike larger animals, you will still have room in your freezer. With each whole/half lamb, we will also provide delicious recipes!

We will have a standard butcher that will provide:

  • Lamb chops - a true delicacy that is perfect pan seared or grilled
  • Lamb shoulder - braise for stews, barbacoa
  • Leg of lamb - roast for a special meal, or debone and grill
  • Ribs - a fantastic substitute for baby back ribs
  • Flank - slow cook for a moist and delicious meal
  • Ground lamb - perfect for lamb burgers, shepherds pie, tacos and more

A $175 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your slot. Once the butcher sends a hanging weight, we will invoice at $10/lb.

If you wish for delivery, this service is only available to customers in Door County, Brown County, Kewaunee County, and Outagamie County. There will be a $20 service fee for delivery.

Contact us to get on the waiting list.