Nothing better than lambs pronking and frolicking around the pasture! This year we have two breeding groups and adding to ewes from Woolyhorn Farm that have been exposed to different rams. Check out our flock page for our flock pedigrees. 

Our breeding groups for this year are:
Magnus - Nova, Juniper

Feldspar - Poppy, Freydis

Other Rams

Birna - Little Sugar River Farm Volur

Disa - Isafold Skyr (ram)

If you are interested in adding a lamb ram or ewe from this year's breeding program to your flock, please contact us . 

A 25% non-refundable deposit will be required to hold your lamb(s) with remaining payment due on pickup in mid-July/early-August. Before taking a deposit, we will be asking you questions about your farm and flock goals. As breeders, we reserve the right to refuse a sale to buyers who we feel don't hold the animal's best interest at heart. 

All breeding lambs will be registered with ISBONA . Out of state purchases will require an additional veterinarian wellness check fee. If we can schedule one site visit (transport must happen 30 days after wellness check), the fee will be divided amongst all buyers. 

Why register your lamb?

Registering your lamb will give you access to the animal's family tree, which is helpful during breeding season. Additionally, your resale value of a proven registered adult will be higher. If you are not a member of ISBONA, we encourage you to join.

2023 Ewes

Frygg - Born 4/1/23 ISBONA 4103 (Dam Freydis/ Sire Feldspar) SOLD



Fyr - Born 4/1/23 ISBONA 4102 (Dam Freydis/Sire Feldspar) RETAINED



Nanna - Born 4/6/23 ISBONA 4100 (Dam Nova/Sire Magnus) RETAINED



Neku - Born 4/6/23 ISBONA 4101 (Dam Nova/Sire Magnus) RESERVED



Bjork - Born 4/16/23 ISBONA 4108 (Dam Birna/Sire Volur) SOLD



Darna - Born 4/19/23 ISBONA 4105 (Dam Disa/Sire Skyr) RETAINED



Dagna - Born 4/19/23 ISBONA 4104 (Dam Disa/Sire Skyr) SOLD



Dika - Born 4/19/23 ISBONA 4106 (Dam Disa/Sire Skyr) RETAINED

Dika suffered a hematoma and abscess. We are nursing her back to health and will make a decision later in the summer.


2023 Rams

Jet - Born 4/1/23 (Dam Juniper/Sire Magnus) NFS



Peku/Sven - Born 4/8/23 (Dam Poppy/Sire Feldspar) SOLD


Per - Born 4/8/23 (Dam Poppy/Sire Feldspar) NFS



Bjorn - Born 4/16/23 ISBONA 4107 (Dam Birna/Sire Volur) RETAINED