Meet the Flock

For 2023, our breeding groups were split between two rams and nine ewes. Our wether Finn just hung around for the party. Lambing for 2024 should start beginning of April, and we will have lambs available to new farmsteads in August/September. You'll love this primitive breed for their versatility and intelligence.

We are a fully-tested flock and ran tests in October for Johnnes, OPP and CL. We are happy to test our sheep before sale for cost of the test.

Lamb Sales: All lambs are able to be registered through ISBONA. A non-refundable 25% deposit will hold your lamb, with final payment due at pickup in August/September. We can also do a small starter flock for you. If you are out-of-state, an additional fee for CVI papers will be charged on the final sale.

Fiber Sales: Our September shearing provides premium fleece with low/no vegetable matter. We currently have several raw fleeces available. 

Contact us if you are interested in adding to your flock or our fall fiber.



Lingerfold Feldspar B24H 389K USA 3592

Lingerfold Feldspar has been paired with Disa, Poppy, Star, Asa and Nanna. He throws black, moorit, mouflon and grey, so his lambs will all be surprises!


Long Rifle Bjorn M5H 11L USA 4107

Long Rifle Bjorn is a sold moorit ram lamb - he looks so little, and he has his mom's length, but we are hoping he also inherits his dad's size (Little Sugar River Volur). He has been paired with Lopi, Dika and Dagna for his first breeding season.



Woollyhorn Asa M5SH 26K USA 3214

Sweet, spotty Asa is new for us this year and has been paired with Feldspar - we are hoping for a moorit mouflon with spot combo!


Long Rifle Dagna  B4H 09L USA 4105

Darna is one of the two triplet lamb ewes we kept from Disa. This pretty little mouflon was put with Bjorn because of her size, but fence jumping Feldspar had a change of plans on 12/3/23.


Long Rifle Dika O1H 13L USA4106

Dika is the second of Disa's triplets that we kept. We paired this friendly girl with Bjorn because of her small size, but Feldspar has other plans, so she has been with him since 12/3/23.


Disa TCE M5H 286G USA 284


Disa, queen of the paddock, came to us bred from Woollyhorn Farm last year. She graced us with beautiful triplets (we kept two) and is solid moorit, but throws mouflon. We paired her with Feldspar with fingers crossed for a moorit mouflon lamb.


Little Sugar River Lopi B52H 7K USA 3059

Stunning Lopi is new to our farm this year from Little Sugar River Farm. We paired her with Bjorn in case his size does not play out, but their lambs will be floofy! 

Long Rifle Nanna 051H 07L USA 4100

Nanna is the daughter of our first beautiful ram Magnus and ewe Nova. We paired this lovely lamb ewe with Feldspar to see what she throws.


Shepard's Meadow Nova O1H 708H USA 2077

Nova has extremely soft fleece with excellent crimp. She is also a fantastic mother and an alert flock member. She is also our lap sheep who can take head scratches for hours. She was paired with Bjorn to see if she throws moorit.


 Shepard's Meadow Poppy B5H 803J USA 3570

We were really happy with our pairing of solid black Poppy to Feldspar last year so we did it again!


Isafold STJÖRNUNÓTT (Star) B2SH 110J USA 2261

Spotty Star came to us from Woollyhorn Farm this year and we placed her with Feldspar in hopes for a spotted mouflon lamb.



Finnagain (unregistered Icelandic cross fiber wether)

Finn is our castrated companion sheep. He gives us bountiful fiber in the spring and fall. He is mostly Icelandic and something else - maybe Coopworth.