Bark Tanned Icelandic Sheepskin Seat Cover | Stratos LRF3

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This is our first year with bark tanned hides and wow! What a difference! The leather and fleece are so much softer!

Enjoy the natural comfort and cushioning of 9" locks of gently brushed Icelandic lamb fleece. The outer tog is charcoal and mahagony. The soft, fine inner coat, called the thel, is silver. There is so much dimension to this beautiful fleece!

The soft, supple leather measures 23" x 15" and organically shaped with a straight back .  Drape it over a chair seat, the back of a chair, or use as a floor pad for infants. Sheep skins are naturally temperature regulating and breathable.

Our hides are naturally bark tanned by an incredible small tannery in our home state of Wisconsin. This results in a softer leather and fleece. Our sheep are raised with love, and for the few destined for the freezer, we honor their lives by using the whole animal.