Grey Icelandic Lambs Wool Roving 1 oz

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Wish you could try spinning Icelandic lambs wool without the big expense? Or maybe you just want to spin something soft and beautiful?

These lovely grey roving bumps are 1 ounce of silky Icelandic lambs wool. Icelandics are a dual-coated primitive breed, with a soft undercoat (thel) and a courser, waterproof outer coat (tog). Icelandic lambs wool is uniformly soft.  Carded in lopi style (tog and thel together). Recommendation: A looser spin will result in softer wool; a tighter spin will make it slightly itchier. Limited supplies - so grab one while they last! 

Our farm is located in beautiful Door County, WI. The sheep are happily free range and have not been sprayed with insecticides.