Raw Icelandic Fleece - Lopi

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Raw Icelandic fleece from fall 2023 shearing from black-grey ewe Lopi. This skirted shearing has 3 pounds 14 ounces of very soft grey thel (undercoat) and tog (overcoat). This fleece has a beautiful 7 inch staple and 2.5" thel. Skirted with little VM, we will go through before shipping to make sure we catch missed second cuts and vegetable matter.

Color ranges from a silver grey thel to grey, tan and charcoal tog. Great for felting, spinning together for lopi yarn, separated for spinning, or making a felted rug. 

Our farm is located in beautiful Door County, WI. The sheep are happily free range and have not been sprayed with insecticides.

Price includes shipping. Wool is priced $22/pound. Total weight 3 lb. 14 oz